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Your business needs protection from fire, theft, and other losses. You also need to make sure everything you produce is safe and in compliance with regulatory requirements. Our technical professionals work with you to help you reduce risk and make improvements so you can minimize business interruptions, downtime, and legal actions that cost you money.

Just as you look for practical ways to run your business, we focus on practical loss prevention – for your buildings, vehicles, equipment, products, and potential liabilities. Our people are nearby, so we can collaborate directly with you to identify potential risks and create solutions to help your business thrive.

Here’s how we help:

To protect what you’ve built, you need customized assessments of the technical and industry-specific risks facing your business. As experts in California agricultural insurance and risk control, we help equip you and your team with the knowledge you need and solutions that work.

We offer expertise and a broad range of solutions for key areas of agricultural insurance risks.


  • Common hazards, such as electrical, plumbing, and HVAC
  • Special hazards, such as flammable/combustible liquids, refrigeration systems, and storage arrangements
  • Fire protection, including fire sprinkler systems, fire pumps, fire detection and alarms, and water supply systems
  • Fire department evaluations
  • Business continuity and emergency preparedness planning
  • Security systems
  • Wildfire assessment and planning

General & Product Liability

  • Premises liability hazards and controls
  • Food safety programs
  • Quality assurance programs, such as GMP, GAP, GHP, HACCP, HARPC, and GFSI
  • Product traceability standards
  • Product recall programs
  • Government compliance and regulatory programs, such as USDA, FSIS, FDA, and FSMA
  • Independent testing protocols
  • Risk transfer and mitigation
  • Product design and engineering

Business Auto

  • Fleet safety programs and policies
  • Maintenance programs
  • Driver evaluation and monitoring programs
  • Department of Transportation regulations and compliance
  • Vehicle and equipment security and inspection programs
  • Drug and alcohol programs
  • Personal use policies for company vehicles and equipment
  • Government inspection and monitoring programs, such as Biennial Inspection of Terminals and DMV Employer Pull Notice Program
  • Hazardous material transportation

It’s essential to focus your risk control efforts on exposures most likely to affect your productivity and profits. We’ve found that standard property inspections and generic risk control recommendations typically don’t produce long-term meaningful results. That’s why our approach is different.

Our evidence-based risk management service looks at your unique agriculture operation to identify and prioritize issues. We zero in on your most significant and practical cost-saving opportunities to help reduce claims and your overall business costs faster than traditional, unfocused approaches.

Evidence-based risk management service consists of four well-defined steps:

  • We review your business and analyze your operations to define key hazards and activities that already have, or could, lead to claims.
  • Problems must be clearly defined before they can be solved, so we work with you to define loss cause-and-effect relationships through research, observation, interviews, and other problem-solving activities.
  • Once we understand how specific property or liability claims could occur, or have occurred, we work with you to develop and implement effective risk control measures.
  • We work with you to review and track claims, cost, and exposure reduction in your areas of concern to help you quantify impact and identify what we’ve accomplished together.

Access to comprehensive agriculture focused risk management and safety resources, as well as training programs, compliance tools, HR management best practices, and more.

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