TheZenith Difference


Protect What You've Built

TheZenith Difference

Invest in the Best

We’ve built Zenith into the premier workers’ compensation specialist and believe when you insure with us, you’re making a long-term investment in your employees and the success of your business.

Our policyholders trust us to take care of their injured employees, fight fraud and abuse, and make the workplace safer.

TheZenith Difference means:

  • Money spent wisely, so your business can thrive
  • Help to reduce injuries, so you stay productive
  • Employee-first approach, so your injured employees receive appropriate medical care
  • Fraud-fighting, so you can protect what you’ve built
  • Attentive and responsive service, so you can focus on your business
  • A stronger reputation for your business

Our commitment to you includes a focus on helping you reduce claims and their costs, which can lead to a lower experience modification over time. The proof is in the numbers: Zenith’s loss ratios are consistently 20 to 30 points better than the industry average.*

Our outcomes speak for themselves. We collaborate to create a culture of safety, which leads to fewer injuries. Plus, our proactive, in-house experts aim to close claims faster than industry average, which gets your injured employees back to work faster with fewer claims costs, and makes a bigger impact on your productivity.

The true cost of workers’ compensation can only be measured by the return on your insurance investment over time. For companies that value quality and want to invest in their long-term success, TheZenith Difference makes all the difference.

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