Special Vendor Discount Offers

Special Vendor Discount Offers

We’ve arranged special discounts with safety and risk control-related vendors just for you. Take advantage of the offers below to help reduce claims and keep your employees safer at work.

Banom: Cut-Resistant Gloves & Sleeves (banom.com)
Banom offers cut-resistant gloves and sleeves that can help prevent serious laceration and puncture injuries when working with sharp materials. Get a 10% discount and free shipping on high-quality cut-resistant gloves and sleeves from Banom.

To claim this offer, visit correctsafety.com, select Banom gloves and/or sleeves, and enter ZEN10 at check out.

Technical Assistance: Contact Banom at info@banom.com or 800-227-7694
Ordering Assistance: Contact Correct Safety at info@correctsafety.com or 904-238-1070

EZ Way, Inc.: Patient Handling Solutions (ezlifts.com)
EZ Way, Inc. offers products to help safely transfer patients and residents without manual lifting. Get a 20% discount on all EZ Way products.

To claim this offer, set up an account and order by calling EZ Way Customer Support at 800-627-8940, or email sales@ezlifts.com. Provide code EZZEN20 to receive discount. Visit www.ezlifts.com to see the full line of products.

New Pig Grippy Mats: Adhesive-Backed Floor Safety Mats (newpig.com/grippy)
New Pig Grippy Mats are adhesive-backed floor mats that can be cut to size to create complete coverage wherever it’s needed. They’re designed to prevent trip hazards that sometimes are created when using rugs. The mats are also absorbent and help reduce the likelihood of slipping on wet floors, and can be customized¹ to add your logo, safety message, or branding without changing their safety features. Save 5% – 19% on select products, plus an additional 10% off your first order.

To claim this offer, call 855-493-4647, or visit newpig.com/grippy, select product(s), and enter ZEN10 at check out.

Assistance: Luke Blattenberger, lucasb@newpig.com or 814-686-2342

¹ Additional costs apply

Office Relief: Office Ergonomic Products (officerelief.com)
Since 1991, Office Relief has been helping businesses enhance the health, comfort, and productivity of employees across America. They are the one-stop shop for all your ergonomic needs with the largest selection of current office ergonomic products. Save 10-15% on accessories and over 40% on furniture.

To claim this offer, set up your account by emailing Office Relief Customer Care at customercare@officerelief.com and providing the code ERGOZEN19. Then, use the provided account information to shop online, by phone, or by email.

Assistance: Office Relief Customer Care at customercare@officerelief.com or 877-919-1190

Safer Hire: Pre-Hire Screening (lslabaugh@profitablehires.com)
One of the most valuable parts of your business is your employees. To hire great employees, you need the right applicants. SAFER HIRE – a fast, simple pre-hire screen – helps you identify and prevent high-risk job applicants from being further considered in your hiring process. Save up to 30%, depending on payment option selected, on pre-hire screening.

To claim this offer, contact Safer Hire and tell them you’re a Zenith customer.

Luke Slabaugh, lslabaugh@profitablehires.com, 602-332-5853

Safety Products Global (www.safetyproducts.global)
Safety Products Global (SPG) is the market leader in safety cutting tools, positioned No. 1 globally with a 65-year history of manufacturing innovation. SPG products include guarded, spring back, auto-retractable, antimicrobial, concealed, and National Sanitation Foundation-approved blade safety knives. The wide range of SPG products offer safe and cost-effective cutting solutions across all industries. All current Zenith customers are eligible to receive a 10–20% discount below retail pricing on SPG’s entire line of products. SPG consultants work directly with you to identify optimal cutting tool solutions for your unique business.

To claim this offer, visit www.safetyproducts.global to view products.
Email or call the dedicated SPG customer service manager, Vicky Bannon, vbannon@safetyproducts.global, 800-229-2233
Provide code ZenithSPGDiscount

Shoes For Crews: Safety Footwear (shoesforcrews.com)
Proper footwear can prevent employee injuries and help you operate a safer workplace, which over time can lead to lower insurance premiums. Save up to 10-15% on the retail price of quality slip, puncture, and crush resistant footwear from Shoes For Crews.

To start saving, visit shoesforcrews.com/corpagreement/lisas. Set up an account. Fill out the form and type ZENITH in the Comments box. Then order online by signing in to your account.

Assistance: Lisa Stoller at 561-722-4828 or lisas@shoesforcrews.com

SlipDoctors (slipdoctors.com/zenith)
SlipDoctors helps businesses improve workplace safety with slip-resistant solutions for tile, stone, concrete, fiberglass, and most other walking and working surfaces. Their products are easy to apply and offer a low-cost solution that can help reduce hazards. Receive a 10% discount and free shipping² on their entire line of quality products, including coatings, treatments, adhesives, and sprays designed to help prevent falls.

To take advantage of this special offer, visit slipdoctors.com/zenith, shop online, then enter promo code ZEN10 at check out.

Assistance: SlipDoctors at orders@slipdoctors.com or 888-436-5404

² Free ground shipping is only available within the 48 contiguous United States

SoloProtect (soloprotect.com/us/)
SoloProtect offers safety devices that lone employees can wear, enabling them to discretely raise an alarm if they feel threatened or are incapacitated. A 24/7 monitoring system helps locate the employee and summon help. Receive a 25% discount on initial connection and setup fees.

To claim this offer, set up an account at soloprotect.com/us/ by clicking “Contact” and complete an online form. Or email info@soloprotect.com, or call 866-632-6577. Enter or mention promo code ZENITH25. Your designated account manager will contact you to assess your needs and help you order.

Threadworx: PPE Safety Products (twxpromo.com)
Threadworx is a distributor of safety and promotional products, that brings you a full line of infection control supplies, personal protective equipment and other general safety items. They will even customize your products with your company logo or personalized message. Receive a 10% discount on all products, plus free artwork setup and virtual proofs on customized orders.

To claim this offer, visit twxpromo.com to browse and select products. At checkout, enter discount code ZENSAF in the Additional Notes section.

Assistance: Threadworx at info@twxpromo.com or 831-757-2450

Discount may vary based on payment option or program selected. These offers are not available in CT, IN, MA, MN, ND, NY, OH, VA, VT, WA, WI, or WY at this time. While Zenith may arrange for third-party vendors to provide discounted goods and services, Zenith does not recommend, endorse, warrant, or guarantee the merchantability, fitness, value, or quality of any product or service offered or provided by these vendors. All transactions are solely between you and the vendor; Zenith is not responsible for any dispute.

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