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California’s agriculture industry is vitally important to feeding the U.S. From dairy to berries, from almonds to wine, from veggies to livestock, Golden State farmers are top producers with distinct needs.


We help businesses protect their employees from workplace injuries, but for the California Ag community, we do so much more. Agribusiness Solutions goes beyond workers’ compensation to offer property, auto, liability, and umbrella insurance.


We believe the best service comes from around the corner, not across the country. That’s why we hire talented insurance professionals with deep roots in California agriculture, so we can get to know you and understand how you run your unique operation. If disaster strikes your business, you don’t have to worry about what to do. We’re here to guide you through every aspect of the process with employees who are dedicated and experienced.


Not every Ag operation is alike, so we customize your insurance coverage to meet your needs.


What we offer:

Commercial Property

Protect the physical assets of your agricultural business, from farms to processing facilities.

Commercial General Liability

Protect your business from the cost of defending itself or paying damages if someone says your business caused them bodily harm and/or damaged their property.

Business Auto

Commercial auto policies for your agricultural operations cover small business vehicles, heavy duty trucks, and even private passenger vehicles owned by the farm or business.

Commercial and Farm Umbrella

Provides an extra layer of coverage against catastrophic losses over primary liability policies.


Protect your farm and personal property, including your house, outbuildings, household property, and your personal and farming liability exposures.

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