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If your company has elected to provide injured workers access to care through Zenith’s Healthcare Network (ZHCN), it is important to verify participation of a provider in the ZHCN before directing injured workers to a provider for care.  The ZHCN is available in 231 counties.

Time of Injury Requirements: Please immediately provide your employee with a copy of the materials below.  

  • ZHCN Notice of Network Requirements Packet: The Notice of Network Requirements (NONR) is a roadmap designed to help employees navigate through the ZHCN. It contains all the information employees should know in order to seek treatment from a Network physician and includes contact information needed to reach Zenith with questions.  A Zenith claim examiner will confirm that this packet was provided to the employee upon injury, and request a copy of the signed Network Acknowledgement form.

    Unless the employee predesignated a personal physician using the forms on page 10 and 11 before this injury occurred, he/she is required to treat with a ZHCN doctor. 

  • Texas Workers' Compensation Form (DWC-1): The Texas Department of Insurance Division of Workers' Compensation (DWC) requires employers to file this form with Zenith within eight days from the date they are notified of an injury that results in more than one day of lost time or of an occupational disease.  A completed copy should also be provided to the injured employee.

ZHCN Information:

Policy Inception and Time of Hire Requirements: 


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